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Thursday, April 15, 2021
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PD Slow Rides To Hang Up Their Helmets Daniela Soto
PD Slow Rides To Hang Up Their Helmets

Although hard to say, Park Derochie has come to the decision to officially make 2018 the PD Slow Riders “Last Hurrah.” What started as a simple employee request for a team jersey sponsor, grew into an epic adventure of dedication, hard work and immense satisfaction. The memories, friendships and personal triumphs of which will never be forgotten.


Since their inaugural year, the PD Slow Riders have collectively ridden almost 30,000 km, fought headwinds up to 30 km/hr, and endured temperatures as high as 29oC and as low as 3oC, all in an effort to raise over $260,000 in support of Multiple Sclerosis Services and Research. Although the size of the PD Slow Riders team has stayed seemingly consistent, riders have come and gone over the years, connecting over 101 riders, 35 volunteers and countless sponsors throughout the 5 year span.


Park Derochie is grateful for the impact and effort the PD Slow Riders have made. This impact, along with the contagious energy and enthusiasm of the MS Society and the opportunity to support Multiple Sclerosis research, a disease that is more prevalent in Canada than anywhere else in the world, has made the decision to hang up our helmets a difficult choice to make. After announcing that 2018 would be our “Last Hurrah” we have gone back and forth on that decision, but finally decided to stick with the original plan.


Although Park Derochie is supportive of MS Bike and the MS Society’s efforts, and thoroughly encourages companies and groups of all sizes, as well as individuals, to consider participating in their events, the time has come to look at alternative activities that will encourage more employee involvement within the Park Derochie workforce.


Former PD Slow Riders, or any other individuals, interested in riding in 2019 or future years, are still encouraged to ride! The Happy Fillmore’s have graciously offered to take anyone who is interested. This great team has similar perks and a few more incentives to that of the PD Slow Riders, including discounted registration fees, fundraising incentives, jerseys, hotel rooms, food, drink and fun. Click here to request more information.


Park Derochie is proud of and gives thanks to our PD Slow Riders and their dedication to ride and fundraise. Additional thanks goes out to all of the Volunteers, MS Bike Staff and most importantly donors that have supported the team throughout the years. We wish the MS Society and all teams involved the greatest success this year and in the years to come.


For a glance back at some of the PD Slow Riders highlights click below:


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