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Wednesday, May 5, 2021
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Driving has been identified as the most dangerous activity performed in both our personal and work-related lives. Recent and long-standing studies have identified specific at-risk behaviours which contribute to the majority of vehicle-related serious injuries and/or fatalities.

We would like to share the identified at-risk behaviours with purpose of increasing employee awareness and prevention of incidents.

·  Seat belts prevent serious injuries and fatalities

o   2015 Canadian statistics have proven that 28% of those killed and 27% of those seriously injured on Canada’s roads did not use the vehicle’s seat belt(1)

o   When a vehicle stops suddenly in a crash, an unrestrained person will continue traveling at the same speed of the vehicle until the person makes contact with the dashboard, windshield or another object within the vehicle, or (in some cases) the person may be ejected from the vehicle


·  When alcohol or drugs is involved, the crash is likely to be more severe or involve fatalities

o   Nearly 3.5 Canadians are killed in alcohol and/or drug-related motor vehicle accidents each day(2)

o   Research has noted that in 38% of fatal driving incidents the operator had consumed alcohol, and almost 85% of those individuals had consumed alcohol above the Criminal Code limit(3)

o   Globally, alcohol use is a contributing factor in one third (1/3) of crashes resulting in death and serious injury(3)

Vehicle crash data indicates that approximately 17% of vehicle-related fatalities annually were traveling at excessive speeds(4)

o  Road users are less able to react to other road user’s actions or detect hazards

o  Stopping distance increase and other manoeuvers become more difficult

o  The severity of the crash increases exponentially

·  Approximately 60% of fatal vehicle incidents and approximately 40% of seriously injuries were caused on a rural roadway(1)

·  Young drivers and passengers are disproportionately involved in motor vehicle collisions resulting in fatalities, serious injuries and property damage

o   Drivers between the ages of 20 – 24 years of age comprise greater than 15% of vehicle-related fatalities, and ages 16 – 19 years of age comprised greater than 10% of vehicle-related fatalities (1)

o   A recent study reported that it takes young drivers approximately 5 years to develop a full complement of driving skills(3) 

·  Drivers exhibiting the following high risk driving behaviours are at an elevated risk for serious vehicle incident(3)

o   Those involved in three or more distinct events within a two year period (speeding, accidents, etc.)

o   Those who refuse to provide a breath sample

o   Those who have been convicted of a repeat offence


If we are able to identify, correct and stop these at-risk behaviours, we will be contributing to lowering the amount of serious injuries and fatalities caused by vehicle-related incidents. Please share these learnings with your co-workers, friends and family for a safer drive home.

(1) Reference: Government of Canada – Transport Canada

(2) Reference: MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving)

(3) Reference: Alberta Traffic Safety Plan

(4) Reference: Road Safety Vision 2010

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