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Wednesday, May 5, 2021
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The Park Derochie / HAKI Scaffolding Advantage Daniela Soto
The Park Derochie / HAKI Scaffolding Advantage

To better illustrate the Park Derochie HAKI advantage, we have completed a direct comparison between the use of traditional scaffolding material versus HAKI scaffold components on a recent tank project. The results are as follows.

Reservoir Dimension – 46.1m; Reservoir Height (top of berm to parapet) – 13.5m

HAKI Scaffold Components required:                      5,814 (approximate)
Scaffold Components based on traditional material: 7,206 (approximate)
*see below for component list comparison

Direct Impact using HAKI: Reduced exposure to dropped objects by 1,392 pieces (20%) and reduced the weight/exposure to strain by 41,676 pounds (25%)

Approximate Hammer Swings:                                                1,512
Approximate Hammer Swings had we used traditional material: 21,516
*hammer swings are based on 4 per ledger (all-around only), 4 per brace, 2 per right angle and then 3 per nail using the traditional system

Direct Impact using HAKI: We have reduced hammer swings and exposure to strain related to impacts and repetitive motions by 93%.

Based on historical data for scaffolding around tanks, HAKI has reduced the scaffold erection manhours by 35%. This is a direct translation into overall reduced exposure to our workers.

The best advantage of them all….? With the use of HAKI material, we have almost eliminated all exposure hours related to falls from heights!

As you can see in the picture above, there are 4 completed levels on the scaffold including toe-boards. A close look also shows that the frame work for the fifth level is already complete, including all pre-installed handrails. This is done with the help of the HAKI Advance Guard Rail Tools. The decks are staged at the bottom of the tank and ready for installation from below. By the time the workers climb up to the 5th level (using the pre-built stair tower), the deck is in place including all handrails! A few finishing touches and toe-boards are the only remaining pieces.

HAKI Universal is Park Derochie’s exclusive offering. Only Park Derochie can achieve this level of safety in the scaffold industry. Protecting our workers and safely completing your projects is our priority. This is why it was important to us to partner with HAKI and subsequently provide you with the benefits of this system.

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Avatar  Erik Frederiksen 3 years ago

Congratulations whit this fine job, to work on this high level of safety and also save time and money is truely a WIN/WIN situation.

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