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Wednesday, May 5, 2021
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Let's Talk Safety Daniela Soto
Let's Talk Safety
Question for the Audience: What types of Events must be reported to your Supervisor, and when?
Answer: All Events must be reported to your Supervisor immediately, or as soon as it is safe to do so. These types
of Events are:
  • Near Miss
  • Bodily Injury
  • Damage x3 – Equipment, Property or Vehicle
  • Environmental (leak, spill or release)

Question for the Leadership: What are the initial steps of Event Management?
Answer: Park Derochie details seven initial steps of Event Management for a Leadership role, these steps are:

  • Provide Medical Attention (care and concern for the worker)
  • Immediate Containment (safe out the work area)
  • Freeze the Scene (protect valuable evidence)
  • Go-Look-See (supervision and workers to revisit the area)
  • Report “One-Up” (inform management of the event)
  • Care and Custody (individuals involved are to remain with supervision)
  • Begin the Initial Investigation (complete page 1 of the PD investigation report

Question for the Leadership: In the Event of a Bodily Injury, what are the steps to be take on the day of injury?
Answer: All workplace injuries should follow the same steps, which are:

  • Schedule Occupational Injury Services (OIS) Visit (onsite medical centre may suffice)
  • Retrieve the OIS Physician’s Report (or medical centre disposition)
  • One-Up to Management + HSE Department (discuss findings of the OIS Physician’s Report)
  • Complete WCB Employer Report and WCB Worker Report (for all workplace injuries)
  • Email Completed WCB Reports to safety@parkderochie.com
  • Develop Modified Work Agreement when Necessary (HSE Department will assist)

It is important for Workers to understand that they must inform their Leadership IMMEDIATELY of all events,
regardless of severity.

It is equally important for Leadership to understand that they must contact Management on the same day of Event
occurrence. If there is a Bodily Injury, Management should be contacted prior to visiting the OIS clinic.
Please remember, the HSE Department will support Operations with Case Management (bodily injuries) – this may
include booking OIS clinic visits, assisting in completion of WCB Reports, assisting in development of the Modified
Work Agreement, etc.

Worker and Employee Lanyard / Wallet Cards

In an effort to assist Employees remember the Safety Principles and Worker/Leadership requirements for 1-2-3
Event Management, Park Derochie has created Lanyard / Wallet Cards for every employee. There are two unique
Lanyard / Wallet Cards, one for the Worker and one for the Supervisor.


Park Derochie encourages all projects to provide the above cards to their Workers and Supervisors. The cards are
accompanied by a Park Derochie breakaway neck lanyard.
To receive the above Lanyard / Wallet Cards (free of charge), please have your Project Manager contact the HSE
Department with the following:

  • Project Number
  • Project Manager’s Name
  • Amount of Worker Cards Required
  • Amount of Leadership Cards Required
  • Requested Date of Pick-Up



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