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Wednesday, May 5, 2021
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Ramadan Across The World Daniela Soto
Ramadan Across The World

Muslims across the world began the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, Ramadan, on Wednesday May 16th or May 17th by refraining from bad habits and eating or drinking during daylight hours.

Depending on your geographical location in the world, this may lead to a number of challenges. It is important that Park Derochie employees are considerate of those challenges and accommodate when / where possible.

  • Muslim follow the lunar calendar – this means the dates vary from year to year. In 2018, Ramadan has arrived during some of the longest daylight hours.

  • For those in Canada’s northern cities, this means fasting for 19-20 hours per day.

  • The most significant challenge is working long shifts and not having the opportunity for adequate sleep nor rest.

  • Maintaining hydration during the long, hot days compared to the short window of time allotted to drink water

For many, the challenges of living in a northern multicultural city is that society does not change to the rhythms of Ramadan. Some adjustments which are made to help worship and benefit from this month are:

  • Adjusted work / sleep schedules – some ensure they are home at early hours so that they are able to rest / nap prior to waking up for prayer and meal

  • Taking “cat naps” whenever possible – some will rest during work break times, lunch breaks, etc.

  • Assignment of tasks – work assignments which are less physically demanding allow the person to conserve valuable energy to help get through the work day

As an organization, Park Derochie is highly respectful of all regions and backgrounds. It is important that Leadership is aware of Ramadan’s importance, the requirements of observing Muslims and how these requirements may affect our workforce. As respectful Leaders, we will take reasonable steps to accommodate. Let’s work together to ensure that we are respectful of those observing Ramadan this month that that we permit the opportunity (and a quiet location) to perform regular prayer. 

For Prayer times across Canada, please visit: https://www.salahtimes.com/canada 



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