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Wednesday, May 5, 2021
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Safety Statistics

Happy Monday


Let’s start the week off with safety. We are almost one month into 2018 and we want to recognize the HSE successes that Park Derochie achieved in 2017.  Our safety department sent out these remarkable statistics last week that we want to share!   

Safety Statistics


Question: How many exposure hours has Park Derochie Inc. achieved during 2017?


For the second year in a row, Park Derochie Inc. has achieved greater than 1 million exposure hours


  • In 2016 Park Derochie Inc. achieved 1,005,837 hours worked
  • In 2017 Park Derochie Inc. beat the previous record setting year with 1,106,655 hours worked
  • 950,290.50 field / shop hours
  • 156,364.50 administrative support hours


Question: How many hours has Park Derochie Inc. worked without a Lost Time Event?


Park Derochie Inc. has worked 5 consecutive years without incurring a Lost Time Event. That is a total of 3,993,503 exposure hours with Zero lost time.


Park Derochie Inc. continues on the path of Best in Class HSE performance in 2017 having achieved a TRIF of 0.90.


Question: How many safety-focused site visits did Management complete in 2017?

A total of 222 MVP (Management Visibility Program) site visits were conducted throughout the 2017 calendar year.


Question: how many Park Derochie proactive safety activities were completed in 2017?


During the 2017 calendar year 1873 proactive safety activities were documented.


This only includes Park Derochie forms, if client proactive safety forms were included this would be a larger number.


Park Derochie values all our employees, and as safety is our main priority, we plan on improving these statistics even further in 2018.


For more information on HSE, please visit our webpage:


Have a wonderful Monday

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