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Thursday, April 15, 2021
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A Clean Workplace is a Safe Workplace Krystal Watson
A Clean Workplace is a Safe Workplace

It is a common understanding that a safe workplace begins with proper housekeeping. Effective housekeeping helps to eliminate workplace hazards and maintains order within our work area. Proper housekeeping has been proven to decrease workplace injuries, boost worker moral and improve overall productivity.

Quick housekeeping statistics:

  • Poor housekeeping is the leading cause of “falls from same level” while at work.
  • In Canada, on average 42,000 workers are injured due to falls each year. Of these 42,000 workers, approximately 17% will result in Lost Time.
  • Statistically, 66% of workplace falls occur in the “fall from same level” category.
  • The latest Statistics Canada Survey indicates that (while at work) the average Canadian spends 0.7 hours performing housekeeping, and the time spent performing housekeeping increases with the worker’s age.

How does poor housekeeping contribute to falls at same level?

  • Examples of Slip Hazards due to poor housekeeping would include:
    • Wet or oily surfaces
    • Weather hazards IE-snow, ice
    • Occasional spills
  • Examples of Trip Hazards due to poor housekeeping would include:
    • Poor lighting
    • Cluttered walkway due to tools or material
    • Wrinkled or unanchored carpet
    • Uncovered or unorganized cables
    • Uneven walking surfaces

How can we maintain proper housekeeping?

  • First, housekeeping is a group activity and everyone can play a role. This might include organizing your immediate work space, or helping to maintain order throughout the entire work area.
  • Housekeeping should be an ongoing process, not a one-time practice.
  • Any contribution is a positive contribution. Housekeeping takes effort, but housekeeping can also be easy.
    • If everyone picked up one item every time they walked to the lunch room, the overall cleanliness of the work site would improve in a short period of time.
    • When a person stops to pick up an object which has been knocked over, quickly organize a storage area or straighten a walkway, that effort may avoid the next person from tripping and injuring themselves.

*Content Provided by Park Derochie Safety Department.

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