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Thursday, April 15, 2021
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Already a Record Breaking Year Krystal Watson
Already a Record Breaking Year

And it's not over yet!

As of September 30th, Park Derochie Inc. has incurred 853,212 employee hours in 2016. Already surpassing our previous best statistics in 2011 when 819,802 employee hours were worked. 

Park Derochie continues to show its dedication to providing "Best in Class" services while ensuring a safe and healthy work environment for its employees and remains top of the class in its WCB statistics.

  • Within one of our two WCB categories, Park Derochie Inc. presently ranks 1 of 104 employers in Alberta.
    This is an indication of both the low amount of workers injured and our company’s capability to manage injuries.
  • Park Derochie’s peak manpower for 2016 was 632 employees.
  • As of September 30th, Park Derochie’s 2016 Total Injury Frequency Rate is 0.7.
    Industrial Safety & Hygiene News rates “World Class TRIF" as 0.7 or less. TRIF is calculated to include the number of injured employees requiring Medical Treatment over and above First Aid.

While these safety statistics are impressive and all Park Derochie employees deserve recognition for a job well done, we will carry our safety awareness forward, maintaining our vigilance towards our personal safety.

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