HAKI Beam Riders
Thursday, April 15, 2021
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HAKI Beam Riders

HAKI Beam Riders increase the versatility of the HAKI Universal system to a significant extent. Using the beam riders, ledgers and transoms can be fitted at right angles to one another anywhere within the scaffolding.

  • Next to projecting sections of facades, the inside ledger is fitted onto the transoms with the aid of beam riders
  • Next to recessed sections of façade and extra bay is erected inside the ordinary bay, irrespective of the position of the standards. The transoms are fitted onto the ordinary ledger using beam riders
  • Under butt joints in longitudinal decking, extra transoms are fitted using beam riders on the ledgers, irrespective of bay division. Extra transoms can also be fitted where longitudinal decking is subject to high loads.
  • Where transverse decking is subject to high loads extra ledgers are fitted close to ordinary ledgers as reinforcement using beam riders on the transoms. Furthermore, extra ledgers can be fitted as reinforcement where landing platforms are subject to high loads
  • Internal ladder access through decking is easily provided with the aid of beam riders
  • The use of beam riders allows for decking around ducting or similar.


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