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Wednesday, September 30, 2020
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The Loss of a Family Member - What if? Krystal Watson
The Loss of  a Family Member - What if?

Park Derochies’s Safety Administrator Linda Fieldsend, personalizes the death of her brother Allan who was killed in a workplace “accident” 30 years ago.

AllenKrilowWho? Allan Leslie Krilow

What? Workplace fatality

When? October 15, 1988

Where? Saskatchewan Hospital – North Battleford, Sask


Allan was attaching a demolition ball to the crane cable. Something he had done regularly for the previous 5 years.

A high voltage power line was near the demolition site. 

The power from high voltage line arched to the boom of the crane. 

The power transcended down the cable into Allan’s left hand, killing him within minutes.

He was only 26.

Allan left behind a wife, a 7 year old son, a 7 year old stepdaughter, mother, father, 3 brothers and 2 sisters.

When you receive the telephone call from a parent telling you that your brother was in a workplace accident and was killed, time stops. You remember each and every day where you were, what you were doing, what time it was when you received that call. The heart break that has been caused because safety then is not what safety is now, almost 30 years later.

Each day you think, What if?

What if Sask Power would have been called to temporarily disconnect the high voltage power line until the demolition was complete?

What if the owner of the company (his boss) would have paid attention to OH&S legislation and safety? What if Allan would have taken powerline safety courses or any safety courses?

What if all the safety measures would have been in place to prevent this fatality from occurring?

Day of Mourning

What if....

Today he would be 54.

Don't become a "what if"
to your family
Safety isn't expensive,
it's priceless.

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